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2024          Hoist the Black Flag - K Contemporary - Denver, CO (solo)


2023          Yardwork II - Pop-up - Denver, CO (group)

2023          Animalia - Lakewood Cultural Center - Lakewood, CO (group)

2022          Bloom - Robertson Ares Gallery - Montreal, Quebec (group)

2022          This is Not Surrealist - Dinner Gallery - New York, NY (group)

2022          The Yellow Show - Dateline - Denver, CO (group)


2022          1982 - Leon Gallery - Denver, CO (solo)

2022          The Sky is Sometimes Pink - Bell Projects - Denver, CO (group collaboration with                       Julio Alejandro)

2021          Herding Cats - Friend of a Friend - Denver, CO (solo)


2020          BIG pt 1 - Alto Gallery - Denver, CO (solo)

2020          Four - Dateline Gallery - Denver, CO (solo)

2019          Open Call - Georgia Art Space - Denver, CO

2019          Mothers, Fathers, Sons & Daughters - Dairy Arts Center - Boulder, CO

2019          The White House - Untitled Group Show - Denver, CO

2018          Shorts - The Church at 4920 Zuni Street - Denver, CO

2018          Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll - Hey Hue - Denver CO


Matt Tripodi is a self-taught artist whose work resonates with a nostalgic energy of the 80s and 90s. His diverse interests inform his visual content and infuse his art with a humor, joy, and absurdity. Through painting and sculpture, Tripodi explores playful themes, often incorporating food, neon lights, diagrams, and childlike mark-making. While his style is light-hearted and whimsical, there is a depth to his work that reflects his musings on life, human experience, and artistic rebellion.

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